Illuminate Your Parking Lot With Highly Powerful Parking Lot LED Lights

Powerful yet affordable and energy efficient

What if we told you that our parking lot light fixtures consume 70% lesser energy than your regular fixtures? Sun Energy brings an assortment of LED parking lot light fixtures to suit every business’ needs. Our highly efficient 400 watt LED parking lot lights have the highest lumen out per watt to ensure that your parking lot brightens up in the least energy possible.

While adding life to your place with the brightest lights, we also ensure that our LED lights have the most appropriate heat sink designs to make your lights last longer than any other alternatives in the market.

The most remarkable feature of these LED parking lot flood lights is that they are maintenance friendly. You can replace all parts of the fixtures if there is a need. You can also repair the fixtures making them highly convenient to use.

Do away with your old energy sucking lights and embrace the new age LED parking lights from Sun energy.  All our products are certified to meet the standards and your needs alike.

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