Brightest LED Outdoor Flood Lights with the Least Energy Consumption

Our LED Outdoor Flood Lights are the brightest lights with the least energy consumption.

Replace your outdated energy-sucking lights with our brilliant energy savers. Our LED flood lights for your outdoors come in lowest possible watts ranging from 80 watts to 400 watts. With the least energy consuming design in the market, our LED Outdoor Flood Lights are designed to deliver the brightest light without compromising on the quality of light. All our LED Outdoor Flood Lights fixtures come with unique features that make our light the most efficient among the alternatives.

These flood lights are highly reliable, maintenance friendly, and night sky friendly. While saving save up to 80% energy, we also ensure that our flood lights are durable. Fabricated with the advanced heat-sink technology, these lights have better lighting characteristics than your traditional HID heat-sink.

Our outdoor lighting fixtures are designed to transfer the heat of the LED chips rapidly to the massive fins making your lights last longer. Our products guarantee the most powerful and efficient heat-sink. Being processed with Aluminum alloy housing, our LED outdoor flood light are solid in structure and withstand the corrosion. They are certified to meet your needs while promising a huge saving on your energy bill.