Street LED Lighting to Illuminate the Outdoors

Sprinkle Life on to the Streets with Bright LED Street Light Fixtures

Sun Energy presents commercial LED lighting solutions for your streets to light up the outdoors in the least possible energy consumption. Our LED Street Lights consume as less as 40 watt to 280 watt with 120-277V, 480V. Our lights maintain the highest Luminous Flux in the least number of watts possible. While these lights brighten up the place with flawless lighting, they also save almost 70-80% of your average street LED lighting’s energy consumption. All our products are specially designed to last longer than average lights. The technology employed in manufacturing of these lights ensures that they have the best engineering.

The technology employed in manufacturing these lights ensures that they have the best heat-sinks that rapidly transfer the heat of the LED chips to the massive fins making the lights long lasting.  Our LED street light fixtures are made with Aluminum alloy and are solid in structure. The make of these lights withstand corrosion. Our trust in our manufacturing reflects from our offer of ten year warranty on all our products.  We believe in revolutionizing the lighting industry with energy-saving, low maintenance LED alternatives. The most compelling part of our lights is that they are maintenance friendly unlike conventional lighting fixtures. Switch to our energy-saving street LED lighting and save big on your utility bills.