A Bright Step Towards Energy Saving

Bright Lights with the least possible energy consumption

Sun Energy presents LED High Mast Light Fixtures for all your major light requirements. Our High mast LED lighting ensures that it brightens the place in as low as 400 watts. How about replacing these energy savers with your regular 1,000 to 1,500 watt HID? Our energy saving lights feature a Maintain Luminous Flux 44,000lm, 100-277V, or 480V, 347V, 4000k, 5000k 6000k with slip fitter or adjustable U-bracket. All our LED high mast light products are reliable, maintenance friendly, and night sky friendly. Light up your space with these highly powerful lights that save up to 80% energy as compared to the regular lights. Our advanced heat sink technology guarantees better lighting and durability because these lights are designed to rapidly transfer the heat of the LED chips to the massive fins. These LED high mast lights are Aluminum alloy housing processed. The technology in making these lights ensures that our products are solid in structure. They are fabricated in a way that withstands any sort of corrosion. All our LED high mast light products are certified to meet your needs. Most of all, these lights come with a promise of a huge saving on your energy bill.