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Earth Day


Earth Day is upon us again, we could talk about normal stuff on how to save on our home called Earth by reducing pollution, recycling, saving energy. We keep talking about it and keep talking about it. The reality is some people will listen and some people will not, some people will recycle, save energy and some will not. The fact of the matter is, you can’t just clean a corner of the floor and call the whole floor clean. You have to clean the whole floor to make it all clean, same goes with reducing pollution and reducing carbon emissions and saving energy. It is our world and it’s the only place we have to live.
If we’re doing such a good job, why are we looking for other life-forms on other planet to go to and live on? We have a perfectly good Planet here we just have to take care of it. You have a child you take care of that child, by doing what is best for the child, so it will grows up to be a heath adult. So why not do it for our world. And besides if we go out and we get another planet to live on, by our pass, we will destroy it too.
A report came out and it said sense 1970 until 2016 we have destroyed over 50% of our Wildlife. That’s not good, so are we going to do the same to the other planet, are we going to destroy its wildlife, destroy its atmosphere, so we can’t even live there and we have to start all over again and find a new planet again. What sense does that make keep finding new planets and destroy the planet? At what point does mankind realize that we are destroying ourselves, God made it rain for 40 days and 40 nights to cleanse the world of its evil he promised by a rainbow that he would never flood the world again.
We have the knowledge to create beautiful things and to help us live better through technology to help us live longer through medical advances. So what’s the deal are we just stupid or don’t care about the planet. I think we should be concerned I think we should do all we can to protect it because for right now until we find another planet it is the only place we call home. So please let us all Stand Together and take care of our world.

Battle Over Saving Energy


The Battle Over Saving Energy and How to Win It

What You Need to Know About Saving Energy

Saving energy can help you spend less on utility bills and safeguard the environment by decreasing greenhouse gas emissions in the struggle against climate change. Oil is an exhaustible supply of energy, which means, once it’s used, it’s gone. You also conserve energy (BTUs).

Approximately 30% of energy employed in buildings is employed inefficiently or unnecessarily. The business in the post is Japan’s first to try and conserve energy. At any time you conserve energy, you do not just spend less, you also lessen the demand for such fossil fuels as coal, oil, and organic gas.

The Do’s and Don’t s of Saving Energy

There are various wonderful elements of giving birth to a little penis. In these harsh financial times, individuals attempt to balance their finances so as to satisfy the rising quantity of needs. Keep in mind that making some tiny changes is far better than none whatsoever, and that after you start the process (and continue it!)

What’s Actually Going on with Saving Energy

If you’re able to do that, it’s highly probable they will remain equally as new for many years to come. Visualize what it is you’d love to have extra cash for in three decades, in five decades and in ten decades. If you can’t ever have an occasion to either improve your earnings or lower your expenses, it is only going to be an issue of time until you’re exceeding 100 mph.

If you’re anything similar to me, you probably devote a superior part of your day staring at a screen. The reality is there are a great deal of techniques to conserve a few pennies or even dollars in regards to washing clothes. As winter approaches a lot of people start to consider ways to conserve energy during the frigid winter season.

You should read further on the benefits of using portable heaters. To conserve energy when utilizing a dishwasher, select the air dry or no heat alternative for the drying cycle. Doing this will diminish the heating and ac use.

What Saving Energy Is – and What it Is Not

Another significant advantage of using more solar energy is it will cause a reduction in oil rates. Whether purchasing a new dishwasher or employing an existing one, you might be able to conserve a comparatively large amount of energy by altering the way that you operate it. On the opposite hand, going green isn’t all about the environment since it also involves energy.

Whenever you have a fantastic metabolism you will feel much healthier and as in case you have a lot more energy every day. There are lots of aspects that are liable for the substantial decline in the operational expenses. A decent protein energy bar for weight loss needs to have a fantastic supply of fiber.

For large meals, but the stove is ordinarily more efficient. ENERGY STAR isn’t only for kitchen appliances. Should you need to warm up or defrost small sums of food, utilize a microwave as opposed to the stove to conserve energy.

Saving Energy Explained

Repeat this process for so long as you should. Performing an expert energy audit of your company is an excellent system to come across new methods to conserve energy. By purchasing these products, you’re helping conserve natural resources, and to defend the environment.

Lies You’ve Been Told About Saving Energy

Should you need to fix up the house, you always have the option to take courses at places like residence Depot and Lowes house Improvement. The house appears to resemble a private resort. Should you need to utilize your vehicle, combine trips whenever possible.

Your household energy audit proved to be quite informative and beneficial. There are scores and scores of of methods to waste utilities. Other organizations may be more complicated.

Running a business may be a tricky venture. Companies can also have tax deductions. Public Housing utilities are more expensive than $1 billion annually.

If you inhabit in a region of the nation that has particularly harsh winters or brutal summers, you might want to think about installing storm doors and windows. Among the least expensive and best changes you can possibly make in your house is replacing your light bulbs. The primary reason why people decide to install solar panels is since they are ready to generate completely free energy from sunlight.

Setting a wonderful example will go a ways to shaping your youngster’s view of the planet. The terrific thing about saving energy is that, as well as helping the surroundings, you conserve money. It works and is among the most effective ways to spend less.

Actually, the procedure is fairly straightforward and takes very little time and energy. Some important tips come from the way you’re already opting to operate. Utilize any positive support you’ve got during this time period.

Top Choices of Saving Energy

The rates of interest will maintain a charge card balance at a steady high. Rebate programs are a lot more common among electric businesses than gas businesses, though some gas utilities provide rebates for high-efficiency furnaces and boilers. These savings are passed on to you, the internet buyer so you’re ready to get tires at a less expensive cost in contrast to that which your community tire store offers.

With a great installation your solar power set-up can enable you to have no month-to-month power bill whatsoever and, sometimes, you might even have the ability to receive a cash payment for your surplus energy you produce. As the cost of energy proceeds to rise, so does the price for these necessities, and numerous households are interested in finding techniques to decrease the cost of their utilities. As the vital pure resources are depleting at a rather speedy rate we must conserve all-natural resources.

Out Door Lighting Chronicles


The Out Door Lighting Chronicles

Ruthless Out Door Lighting Strategies Exploited

Outdoor lightning could increase the features and overall look of the house exterior. You certainly require an outside light to create your supplement which safer place. Landscape lighting is not only going to improve your security, but likewise the total look of your house.

The form of lighting you buy may have an impact on the contemporary look of the strategy. You may select between the types of color readily available on the market. It’s usually more advisable to stick to an extra color besides your ordinary light.

The initial price tag of outdoor lighting is far less than the prospective implications of a break-in. Wall lighting is also uncomplicated and the optimal/optimally feature offered here. Solar lighting has changed into a leading choice in regards to lighting throughout the world.

The 30-Second Trick for out Door Lighting

Within this process, the lighting is also installed facing the subject but at a suitable distance to completely highlight it. To begin with, you have to decide where you will need lights. Patio string lights may be used as the main supply of light or perhaps merely to put in a bit of soft mood lighting alongside atmosphere.

Whenever you have dark outdoor regions of your property, it’s inviting for thieves and trespassers. The facet of commercial lighting isn’t applied uniformly to all situations. A critical detail to keep in mind when using outdoor fixtures is to at all times try to find a security sign on the package.

Safe and alternative style lighting has arrived a ways from only two or three years back. You may want to think about doing a mixture of the various forms of the above residential outdoor lighting choices. Try to remember the most essential aspect to take into account when it has to do with choosing solar outdoor lighting is to make certain you buy a premium quality product that will give you with years of usage.

Despite the fact that it is quite difficult to define there’s a concept to numerous modern landscape lighting displays that we see. There are a number of methods to utilize in outdoor lighting. Lighting is among the most critical elements in a patio makeover.

The benefit of switching to LED Parking Lot Lights


Anyone who owns or manages a parking lot should consider LED lights. Whether you are a building owner or a facility manager in a learning institution, a municipality, a real estate organization, a hotel, a mall among others, switching to LED parking lot lights can have various tangible benefits. Upgrading the parking lot lights improves the overall aesthetic appeal of the premises, saves a lot of money and provides higher quality lighting at the same time.


5 top benefits of switching to LED parking lot lights

LED Parking Lot Lights

1. Reduced energy consumption

Parking lots are usually a large portion of any property. Their potential to change energy usage is quite high. The first major benefit you will enjoy after switching to LED Parking Lot Lights is a huge reduction in overall energy consumption. LED parking lot lights consume less than 50% of the energy the traditional lighting consumes over a given period of time. For instance, a 150W LED fixture is equivalent to a 400W HID fixture. In simple terms, you will save 250 watts of energy while getting light of even higher quality. If you replace 10 such HID lights with LED lights, the difference is obvious. LED lighting technology is therefore more energy efficient than traditional lighting technology. More light is emitted for less energy and the fixtures last for longer periods of time. This leads us to the second benefit of switching to LED parking lot lights.

2. Low operation and maintenance costs

Since LED parking lot lights rely on a highly efficient and effective lighting technology, the fixtures are maintained far lesser often compared to traditional parking lot lights. The LED parking lot lights can operate continuously for 50,000 to 100,000 hours without any degradation in the quality of light. Moreover, replacement is necessary after more than 2 years. All this translates to savings, both on labor and material costs.

3. Higher quality light

LED parking lot lights will provide a higher quality of light while consuming lesser amounts of energy than traditional parking lot lights. High quality lighting increases the value of property. Regardless of whether the parking lot is in a school, a shopping center, a commercial building, or even a public building, the people using the parking lot will really appreciate high quality lighting. This is easily achieved when you switch to LED lights since they create brighter and higher quality lighting that leaves few dark spots and fewer gaps in terms of coverage. The LED lighting therefore increases security in the parking lot as well.

4. More effective control

Another major benefit of LED lighting is the fact that controlling is more effective. You may wish to reduce your energy costs by shutting off or lowering parking lot lighting during low-volume times. High quality LED parking lot lights come fitted with motion-sensing technology to automatically respond to the traffic volume in the parking lot. Besides, unlike traditional parking lot light systems that take several minutes to reach full illumination, the LED lighting system turns on and off almost instantly. The next generation LED parking lot lights systems use inbuilt sensors to detect vehicle or pedestrian traffic to make the LEDs fully powered to provide bright and safe lighting.

5. LED Lights are Eco-Friendly

Individuals and organizations that are committed to eco-friendly energy solutions gladly appreciate and adopt LED lights for their parking lots. The LED lights do not have toxic components and the luminaires are recyclable when they reach their lifespan. Besides, LED lights significantly reduce the carbon footprint of your parking lot since the lights consume lesser amounts of energy. Traditional lighting technology emits dangerous radiation and other harmful substances to the environment during use. Most of the products are also not recyclable and create landfill; further destroying our environment.

These are some of the top benefits of switching to LED parking lot lights.

Bottom Line

LED lighting technology is the best choice for parking lot lighting needs. Your organization will save money on labor, materials and energy costs, while at the same time providing higher quality lighting to those who use the parking lot.

The revolution in LED lighting is expanding into various operations of every sphere of life. It is high time you switched to LED lights for your parking lot and enjoy the numerous benefits of LED lighting technology. LED lighting is the future.

If you are ready to make the switch to LED lights for your parking lot, contact us today.


How to Repair a Flood / High Mast LED Light

Repair your LED High Mast Light fixture, Parking Lot Lights and your LED Flood Light.

With our LED High Mast Light and the LED Flood Light you can repair the light with out waiting for a replacement fixture, Simple follow the step below to repair your light fixture. At the end you can down load a pdf on the steps to repair your light fixture.

Step 1: Loose the waterproof connectors in Counter clockwise direction (as shown in picture No. 1)
Step 1, Repair a Flood / LED High Mast Lights
Step 2: Take off the 8 screws used to fix the bracket (as shown in picture No.2)
Step 2, Repair a Flood / High Mast LED Light
Step 1, Repair a Flood / High Mast LED Light
Step 3. Loose the back protection cover (as shown in picture No. 4)
Repair a Flood / High Mast LED Light
Step 1, Repair a Flood / High Mast LED Light
Step 4: Take away the water proof wire from the module (as shown in picture No.6)
LED Flood / High Mast LED Light
Take out the modules (as shown in Picture No. 8)
Repair LED Flood / High Mast LED Light
Step 1, Repair a Flood / High Mast LED Light
Step 6: Screw in the modules to be replaced, twist the screws clockwise (as shown in picture No.9)
Repair Your LED Flood / High Mast LED Light
Step 7: Connect the waterproof connector of the modules, twist the screw in clockwise to fasten them. (As shown in picture No.10)
Flood Light / High Mast LED Light
LED Flood Light / High Mast LED Light
Step 9, Fix the bracket, fix all the 8 screws, and twist them in clockwise (as shown in picture No.12)
Flood Light Fixture / High Mast LED Light
Repair your Flood Light Fixture / High Mast LED Light
The tools necessary to finish the replacement
M5 Allen driver
Cross screwdriver
Click to Download the PDF on Repairing Your Light fixture

Saving energy safe for the environment


Is Solar, LEDs or CFLs going to be the saving energy source of the world or is it even worth it to the environment.

Everyone is in the crave of having a solar panel on the roof in their backyard on a large filled to make electricity, yes the theory is a good idea the sun power solar system in a power goes to the battery to store or to power a products like a light bulb or to charge your phone or even to run your refrigerator. Solar will reduce your electric bill and is more environment friendly as far as producing power. So if you produce over 100 megawatts solar power you can power over hundred thousand homes that is a great idea. So that particular solar system would take a strain off our grid system. That of course is over 80 years old; it was only mate to be for 30 or 50 years before being changed out. But as the population got bigger and bigger the power companies had all the resources out building new grid systems.
They are stretching the power grid further out to more buildings and houses on our strained system. So the older parts of the grid system have been repaired in some instances have been ignored of needing to be completely replaced.
Solar System
Of course it would take trillions of dollars to upgrade all of our grid systems. Money you and I would have to pay thru raising energy cost or taxes. Our government and utility companies do not have the money to do that, so were trying very hard to reduce the strain on our electric grid system.
Of course just like the CFLs you know what those are the twisty type of light bulbs that the government wanted you to put into your homes even though Britain and Canada and other countries have banned them from their country. Because they have bad energy waves and also under certain lighting conditions they would even hurt your eyesight. But our government still pushed the use of the CFLs and every home, business and offices. Knowing the danger the CFLs light bulb has. If you would Google the dangers of CFLs you would find a list of documents, videos and articles on why you should not use the CFLs light bulb.
CFL Light Bulb
Just like the CFLs a solar panels have a dangerous side, a 100 MW solar power system that could power over 100,000 homes and how good it would be for the power companies and the end-users. On the same solar system it has a very dark side to it. It produces over 100,000,000 tons of hazardous waste to manufacture of the solar panel. Another question is where do we store, all of that waste? Of course we store it underground in storage facilities. Where the companies put it, is the same ground that our lives depend on, for growing our food to the animals and trees that give us life. The environment is in bad shape, whether or not you believe in the science behind the studies of our environment. Look at China and other country’s you will see the damage we have done. You just can not clean a corner of a floor and say the whole floor is clean, same goes for the environment. We know the trees give us oxygen to breath and the tree depend on the ground to grow. Without oxygen we can not breathe, so inadvertently we are destroying our lives as we know it, instead of getting up in the morning and going outside and have a cup of coffee and enjoining the birds singing in a tree. If we keep going the only view you will have is threw a glass window. If you wanted to go outside, you first have to get up and put on oxygen tank with a mask to go outside. You mint even have to wear a chemical suit depending on the atmosphere.
LED Flood Light
That is not a world that I think, we should leave our children. So think about it, are solar panels the power for the next-generation and is it worth it?

So basically solar panels, LEDs and the CFLs can and will reduce the consumption of energy that we are using, but it is not the safest manner to do so.LED’s even produce amount of lead, a known neurotoxin, the low-intensity red LED’s has the most hazardous waste. We are so worried about saving energy and help reduce the stain on our grid system.That we are forgetting once again what happens to the environment, because our very existence depend on the environment.

Why Change to LED Lights


“Saving Energy One Light at a Time”

LED lights

Every one wants to save energy, you can save energy with led lights. Yes, you can take your old light fixtures and change to energy saving LED’s light fixture. Let’s look at a T8 tube light; you can save about 20 watts per light. Unlike all of the old fluorescent tubes that use 40 watts per tube, which is not a good choice. Now let us look at a high mast light fixture, it uses about 1,000 watt per light, by switching to a led high mast light you can save 600 watts per light. Now that is a huge saving on your energy bill.

Save energy with LED Lights
Making to right chose is very important, buying the wrong LED can be very costly. Understanding how they are made and the technology be hide the LED Light Fixture, not all LED Lights are made the same. Heat is a danger to LED’s, so heat sink is very important and also the lumen out put per watt. Most LED Lights you can not repair them so why buy them? Make sure they can be repair , you would not buy a car or a home if you could not be repair it , so do not buy a LED High Mast Light, LED Flood Light, LED Parking Lot Lights that you can not repair the light.
“Saving Energy One Light at a Time”



“Saving Energy One Light at a Time”

Recycling LED lights

You can recycle led lights. Yes, you can take your led light fixtures and recycle most of the fixture. Let’s look at a led tube light; you can recycle the plastic ends, the lens, the circuit board and the aluminum tube. Unlike all of the old fluorescent tubes, which most got threw in the trash which was not a good choice.

LED Lights
Our led high mast fixture, led flood lights and you can even recycle our led parking lot light’s. Unlike most of the LED Light fixtures, you cannot recycle most fixtures nor can you even repair the fixture. Your old fixture can be repaired. On our LED light fixtures you can recycle the housing, heat sink, lens, circuit board and even the driver can be recycled.
Recycling has become very important to help save on raw material. We recycle plastic to make other plastic products. Even with other material that we recycle makes other material it is all helping our world.
Make that stand, recycle your led light fixtures and recycle all you can…

Energy for All


“Saving Energy One Light at a Time”


As we approach the summer concerns for blackout are on energy provides mine’s. The more it heats up the more we use our AC units, fans and our pools. There for we use more power, not to mention our population is growing which course a strain on our already out dated power grid. Without power we cannot cool, cook, run our pool pumps, watch TV, get on the internet or even use the micro way.
Save energy with LED Lights
The power company needs to update the power grid system. But the cost would be very expensive and you know who get the bill. We have put a great effort in save energy by using solar power, wind power or even water to generate power. It is still not enough to repose our power consumption.
In order to save on our energy we need to reduce the energy we use. There are many way you can do this, one is by switching to LEDs. Replace your 60 watt house lights to a LED. In the commercial application, change your parking lot lights to LED Parking lot lights. For the office inside lights, like the t8 switch them to LED tube lights.
By doing this we can maybe prolong the cost of updating the power grid. So LED’s can be good for the end user and the power company. City and town can reduce the cost of energy by switch to LED Street lights. The more our citys and town use LED street lights, the more we save energy. So let’s switch and start saving energy for all.

Saving Energy


“Saving Energy One Light at a Time”

LED’s at Home

Most of us have areas in our home or office were we leave the lights on. Weather it is for security or just someone not turning off the light. Then you go around acting like the light police, turning off the light that was left on by someone else. Every light that is left on is money in the energy company pocket. If we would turn off the light then we could save energy and save money.
Saving Energy at Home
If a 60 watt light bulb is on for ten hours that’s 600 watts of power we used. Over time like a year that would be 219,000 watts of power. Now that’s a lot of energy. Lets change it to a LED Light bulb, 7 watt led bulb at ten hours is only 70 watts of power and after a year it is only 25,500 watt of energy used. You can see the different in the old light bulb compere to the LED light bulb; LEDs are a huge saving on energy.

LED Parking Lot Lights


“Saving Energy One Light at a Time”

Parking Lot Lights

Parking lot lights are for insurance and security lighting at night. They can be very costly to maintain; in some cases it is cheaper to replace the parking lot light. What if your could have a parking lot light that save you money.
LED Parking Lot Lights
The light is a LED Parking Lot Light; the fixture is completely maintenance friendly. Change the LED’s, housing, driver, or even the wiring. A complete LED Paring Lot Light that save you money by, being energy saving and completely maintenance friendly. Now that’s a LED Parking Lot lights worth every penny. So you can save energy and have a maintenance friendly on your parking lot lights, parking lot light, led area light, high mast lighting, led parking lot, pole lights, parking lot lighting or your led parking lot light.

High Mast Lighting


“Saving Energy One Light at a Time”

High Mast Lighting

If you have high mast lighting you know that they take time to fix or replace he fixture. That is a lot of work to get the fixture down from one hundred foot or so. Then to take the fixture apart to fix the light or even to replace he high mast light can be a bit of a struggle. When you get the fixture down, see what the problem is and find out that the part you needed is not on your truck or it is out of stock and could take weeks to get in.
LED High Mast Light Fixture
So you host the fixture back up and it is not fixed. The maintains cost and the energy cost of the high mast lighting system can be very high. You can save time and energy cost, with our four hundred watt LED High Mast Light fixture. If you ever have to repair your LED High Mast Light fixture it is one driver and one LED model fit your entire LED high Mast Light fixture. As long as they are the watt light fixture and have the same voltage input. Change the drive, housing and the LEDs, saving on maintains cost and energy cost.

LED Flood Lights


“Saving Energy One Light at a Time”

LED Flood Lights

LED Flood Lights are designed for a replacement of old flood light fixtures, saving you on maintains cost and energy cost. With the ability to be repair on site make our LED Food Lights out perform any LED Flood Light on today market. Ranging from 40 watt up to 400 watt there is a replacement for your old Flood light. Our 120 watt is a replacement for a 400 watt flood light. The 400 watt LED Flood Light makes a great replacement for a high mast light fixture. In eight or fewer steps you can replace the LED module or the ballast refers to as the driver.
LED Flood Lights
Our LED Flood Lights create bright, shadow-free security and spot lighting for a variety of outdoor applications, including facades, landscapes, public places, retail and residential complexes, and hospitality. Saving you on energy cost and maintains cost.

Earth Day


“Saving Energy One Light at a Time”

Earth Day

We have earth day once a year. But it is a special day we should act upon every day. Because once a year saving energy and recycling is not enough. We need to save energy and recycle every day. To help our world from pollution. You all have heard it all be for, turn off the lights, shout the door the air is on, close the fridge or even put your trash in the trash can. No matter what you do, make that stand and help our world.
Saving Energy
Here is some simple things you can do to save energy, unplug the toaster, unplug your phone charger, turn of the lights when not in use, reuse water to water the plants, set your thermostat up two degrees, use smart plugs or even just recycle your plastic bottle and paper. Whatever you do make that stand to help our world.


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